Why Ranked Choice Voting?

Why Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)?

Ranked Choice Voting gives the voting power back to the voters. By letting voters rank their candidates, the voters actually get the chance to elect who they want instead of their vote not counting towards the winner.

Under our current system, a candidate can "win" an election with less than majority voter support as long as they have more votes than any other single candidate - even if most people did not vote for them. With RCV, candidate pool must have support from a true majority of their constituents.


Better Platforms and Civil Debates

Under our current system, candidates often try to make each other look bad in order to discourage us from voting for anyone but them out of fear. If you won't vote for them they don't want you to vote at all! This is a proven strategy that works for the winner by lowering voter turnout among voters who prefer other candidates. (Not very democratic!) With Ranked Ballots, candidates want to be your second or third choice if they cannot be your first. They will not attack the other candidates for fear of offending the voters who support them. They will try to win your support by compromising or incorporating other candidate's good ideas into their own platform. This means more talk about positive solutions and a more respectful debate.


No Need for Strategic Voting

Under our current system, voters often vote strategically in order to prevent the candidate they don't like from winning. With Ranked Ballots, you can always vote with your heart - not your calculator. If your first choice candidate is eliminated then your vote goes to your second choice candidate. You don't vote against something, you vote for something!


No Wasted Votes

Under our current system, people often spend more time talking about potential vote splitting then they do talking about the issues. Headlines are dominated by stories about who is dropping out, who is stealing votes from who, etc. With Ranked Ballots, there is no such thing as vote splitting and every vote counts!


Better Choices for Voters

Under our current system, candidates are often discouraged from running or staying in an election race in order to prevent vote-splitting. New and eager candidates are asked not to run by their own party so as not to harm the perceived front-runner. This is particularly true for underrepresented groups such as women, visible minorities, youth, etc. This is NOT the experience we want new candidates to have. With Ranked Ballots, candidates who represent the diversity of constituents are more likely to be welcomed and encouraged resulting in more choice for voters, better campaigns, better engagement and better results!

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