Who uses RCV?

London, Ontario

On May 1st, 2017, London, Ontario became the first municipality in Canada to switch to Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). After the provincial legislature passed legislation to enable the switch in April 2016, Ontario municipalities were given the chance to move to RCV for their elections.

Other Countries

Other countries use RCV to elect various levels of government from Federal to municipal elections in. Voters elect their leaders using RCV in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Municipalities like London England, San Fransisco, and Portland use RCV to elect city officials.

Canadian Political Parties

All Canadian political parties use RCV to elect their leaders. This change has boosted the internal democracy of the party, allowing all party members a chance to vote on their prospective leaders. Parties across Canada have used run-off style RCV to make voting easy and flexible.

Non-political Groups

Media Groups

In journalistic circles, the Canadian Press uses a ranked ballot for picking its leading Canadian athletes every year including male and female athletes of the year and team of the year.

The Oscars

In 2010, the Academy Awards adopted ranked ballots to choose Best Picture! This was done to avoid a situation where a movie could ‘win’ with only 20% support in the Academy.

The NHL and NBA

The National Hockey League uses a ranked ballot to choose the winners of the Hart, Norris, Calder, Lady Byng, Selke, Vezina and Jack Adams awards every year - with points awarded based on where each player has been ranked. The National Basketball Association uses the same system to choose its top player awards too.


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