Voting Reform: Think National. Act Local!

Bringing Canada's voting reform movement to Vancouver's City Hall

It's time to fix Canada's broken democracy.  First-Past-the-Post is an archaic system that distorts results, encourages negative campaigns, forces us to vote strategically, fabricates false majorities and pushes out smaller parties.

Dave Meslin


We can do better, and momentum is growing across the country. Justin Trudeau has promised to create an all-party committee that will look at ranked ballots and proportional representation.  Meanwhile, the Ontario government is about to introduce Canada's first PR legislation, allowing cities across the province to use STV - the same 

system recommended by the BC Citizen's Assembly ten years ago!

If Ontario can adopt STV for local elections... why can't BC?  Christy Clark is firmly on the record as a strong proponent of STV.  For the first time ever, Canada is having a national discussion about voting reform.  Let's take the momentum we have right now, and steer some of it towards Vancouver City Hall.  

We've never had a better chance to make this happen. Introducing ranked ballots in Vancouver could make our City Council the first proportionally elected government body in Canada!  It would set a new precedent, by breaking the cross-Canada chokehold of First-Past-the-Post.

Dave Meslin is the co-founder of Unlock Democracy, and the Coordinator of 123 Ontario.  He'll share stories about their successful campaign for PR legislation and offer advice for the local campaign in Vancouver.
We hope you can join us!
This event is co-sponsored by 123Vancouver, Unlock Democracy, FairVoting BC, FairVote Canada Vancouver, and BC Civil Liberties Association.
123VancouverFair Voting BC fair_vote_canada_vancouver.pngBC Civil Liberties Association
November 18, 2015 at 7:45pm - 9pm
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