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Keith Poore


My name is Keith Poore, I recently moved to Vancouver after graduating from the University of Guelph in Ontario. I started working in a career I love. I was part of the Ranked Ballot movement in Guelph before coming to Vancouver and am still passionate about having fair elections.






Brendan Mongeon

Brendan is a Vancouver-based sustainability professional.  He is formerly from the Tri-Cities, where he was active in several community-driven campaigns such as gaining protected status for Walton Urban Forest and remediating Scott Creek.  The challenges he has faced in the civic engagement process have convinced him of the need for fair democratic representation at the municipal level.



Kevin Lu


Kevin is a public health researcher based out of the School of Population and Public Health at UBC. After being introduced to the ideas of electoral reform in his studies at McGill University, Kevin believes that changing our local and national electoral systems will not only bolster democratic engagement, but also result in stronger citizen representation in our political institutions. 
He is originally from Ottawa where he was involved with Ottawa123, a non-partisan group pushing for ranked choice voting in the nation’s capital.

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