Joey Doyle

Do you believe that the City of Vancouver should have the autonomy to change their electoral system?
Yes, I believe that people should be able to have a meaningful input into the decisions that affect their lives. People should be able to choose the electoral system that they prefer, and it should not be up to the government constituted of people from various parts of the province to make a decision on behalf of the City of Vancouver.

If Vancouver's citizens initiative, similar to the Citizens' Assembly of 2004, recommends moving to a specific system, will you vote in favour of allowing the change for Vancouver?
Yes, for the same reasons as above, if the people choose a particular system, they should have the ability to implement that system. It should not be up to the Provincial government to make decisions on how the City should run its elections. That said, I will add the caveat that the process by which the City makes this decision must be transparent and broadly accessible - it must not be a situation in which an active minority makes a choice on behalf of everyone else.