State of the Campaign, Happy New Year

We’ve had a very successful first year at 123Vancouver. Early in the year, the team came up with a petition calling on Minister Fassbender and the BC Liberals to pass legislation to allow municipal governments to enact legislation that gives voters more power in their vote. We collected more than 600 signatures so far.

During the summer, you may have found us at some fantastic events like Car-Free Day (Main Street and Commercial Drive) and Khatsalano. We partnered with Fair Vote Canada Vancouver Chapter at these events to share our vision of a better voting system, did you see us there?


At the same time, the city had created an Elections Task Force [1], bringing together citizens dedicated to finding ways to improve civic democracy, without changing the charter Vancouver has with the BC government. We have also produced an Op-Ed in the Vancouver Sun talking about the benefits of PR at the municipal level [2].

 What are we looking forward to in the new year?

In February, the Elections Task Force will be providing a report to city council on how to change the voting system into a more proportional system. According to the official minutes [3, 4], the task force has come up with a way to determine a system but there isn’t anything proposed so far as to which system to switch to. At 123Vancouver, we know that Single Transferable Voting is the most effective system without changing anything else to the charter.

 The BC provincial election is coming up in May of 2017. We will be pushing the potential MLAs to endorse changing our voting system on the municipal level. We will be teaming up with Local Choice BC [5] and Fair Voting BC [6], to ensure the candidate’s position is known on this issue.

We are a team always looking to expand. If you are interested in volunteering, even once a month, consider signing up to do more. If you can’t volunteer, please consider giving a $10, $15, or $25 donation or consider making a monthly donation. We are a purely volunteer run organization which needs money to cover our operation costs.

 All the best in 2017,

Keith Poore

1. The City of Vancouver's Elections Task Force website. 
2. The Vancouver Sun Op-Ed on the benefits of PR in Vancouver.
3. The Elections Task Force meeting minutes for August 31st.
4. The Elections Task Force meeting minutes for September 10th.
5. Local Choice BC website.
6. Fair Voting BC website.

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