David Stall

Do you believe that the City of Vancouver should have the autonomy to change their electoral system?
Yes, a key aspect to building and strengthening democracy is the process of actively inviting people to express their beliefs, and work together. This principle applies not just to large scale issues handled by provincial and federal governments, but local issues as well. A strong democracy is one that grants the autonomy for people to independently organize. Its anti-democratic for the provincial government to prevent people from organizing themselves and solve their own problems. Its the role of government to help people with this, not actively stop it.

If Vancouver's citizens initiative, similar to the Citizen's Assembly of 2004, recommends moving to a specific system, will you vote in favour of allowing the change for Vancouver?
Maybe, I would in all likelihood support whatever recommendations the Citizens' initiative supports. My hesitation is because I cannot know exactly what system is suggested, and what potentially harmful propositions may unknowingly be implemented. The type of concerns I have are issues like accidental (or intentional) gerrymandering, or party representation vote thresholds being too high, or too low. I do not expect these to be an issue, but as we at YPP have legally binding campaign promises, we take our word very seriously. Because of this I'd hesitate to say absolutely yes, as there are concerns. However, I doubt these concerns will be an issue.