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    Reform the Vancouver Charter and British Columbia Local Government Act: Give BC municipalities control over local elections

    Petition to Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

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    Vancouver City Council has formed an election task force to examine new tools for engaging voters and boosting turn-out during municipal elections. This is the latest development in a multi-partisan reform effort that spans over a decade. Beginning in 2005, the city petitioned the province for the ability to change the voting system used in local elections.  Since that time, Vancouver city council has made unanimous requests for this change in 2007, 2010, 2012 and again in 2013.  The provincial government failed to respond to any of these five (5) requests. 

    On April 4th, 2016, the Liberal government of Ontario announced enabling legislation which will allow municipalities the choice of changing their own local voting system.  Meanwhile, though the BC Liberal Party promised to implement the majority of the recommendations from its 2010 Local Government Elections Task Force, they failed to address voting system reform in advance of the 2014 municipal elections.  

    We hereby call on the government of British Columbia to immediately pass enabling legislation to allow local governments to enact voting system reforms as necessary to ensure healthy and participatory democracies.

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